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Hi friends!

My name is Amanda and I am from Michigan! I am a new mama to a sweet little boy, AJ, and a wife to a veterinarian!

TJ and I met while we were both in college. I was a dancer for the Detroit Pistons and he was on the acrobatic dunk team, The Flight Crew. What an experience! We have so many great memories from those days and made some life long friends.

Dance is something that I hold very close to my heart. It was something I loved doing growing up and it ultimately lead me to my husband. Now that I have closed the dance chapter in my life, I keep my passion for it alive by teaching. I help run a competitive dance program at Premier Dance Company and I love my dancers with my whole being. Watching them grow not only as dancers, but as young women is something that I will cherish forever. I love being able to mentor them and help achieve their dreams.

How did Come Stay Awhile come about?

I have always had a creative side. I actually work full-time as a website developer/graphic designer. I feel like design is in my blood. My journey started when we were living in a rental home while my husband finished vet school and I was struggling with the fact that that home wasn’t our own. I wanted to try and find ways to make it a place that I loved. As I started to design our home and change things, I wanted a place where I could showcase what I was working on. I would show some things on my personal Instagram but decided to create a separate Instagram account dedicated to home decor so I didn’t overwhelm my friends and only people who wanted to see could follow along. Out of that is how Come Stay Awhile was born. I had been wanting to start a page like this for a while but I kept telling myself, one day when we have a bigger home then I will… or one day when we have more money… what I started to realize and what I felt God nudging me in, is the fact that if we spend our lives waiting for whats next, we will miss what is right in front of us. Why should I wait another year to create a space that I love when I am living in it now?

I decided that there are probably tons of other people out there in my same situation and that I should just go for it and start my account. If it wait for the perfect time, that time will never come. Coming up with a name was challenging. I didn’t want to limit myself to JUST home decor… because I also love fashion, cooking, makeup… you know… ALL THE THINGS. So as I was brainstorming I started to think about why I started my account. I was trying to create a place that felt like home and that was a place people wanted to stay. Come Stay Awhile seemed like the perfect name.

We bought our first home in April 2020 and I have been DIYing it room by room making it our own. I am passionate about helping you discover easy ways to transform your spaces without breaking the bank.

I can’t thank you enough for being here with me and following along. It means the world.


  • Jessica

    Yayyy!!! So excited for you!!! 💗 You have done so well and I know you will keep inspiring us! xo

    • Amanda

      Thank you SO much! I couldn’t do it without you all!

  • Lindsay (lindsdepp on insta;)

    Hey Amanda! Congrats on your blog site! I love it! 💕💕

    • Amanda

      Thank you so much!!

  • Jennifer

    Love this story and you’re right…happiness is a journey, not a destination! You are amazing and soooo talented!

    • Amanda

      Thank you so much Jennifer!!!

  • Heather

    You are an inspiration!!!!! Your little tips and tricks are outstanding. Limiting your time for a project is helpful from creating burnout! I lobe creating but this tip is a game changer! Thank you!!

    • Amanda

      Thank you so much for following along!

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