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Spruce My Space – 10/9/2020

I get a lot of DMs on Instagram with people asking for decor advice for their home. Sometimes you get stumped and just want a second pair of eyes on your space! I thought it would be fun to launch a segment called Spruce My Space where I let you submit photos of your home and every Friday I will randomly select some and share my thoughts with you all on my Instagram stories. I am sure a lot of you have similar set ups in your home so by watching my design suggestions, it might spark ideas for you in your own homes!

How to Submit Photos:

SPACE #1: Den

Things I would do:

  • New rug that is brighter
  • Add some frames and a wood sign above the piano (it would be cool if you got a custom sign made that had lyrics to a song on it to play into the piano)
  • Add a few other decor pieces

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SPACE #2: Bedroom

I would raise the curtains up higher so that the ceiling looks taller and I would add a round mirror above the bed to bring in a different shape since everything else is pretty squared off! Easy fixes!

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SPACE #3: Open Concept

I am obsessed with open concept rooms! Use rugs to designate space and add a cute entryway table that you can decorate to make that blank wall more inviting. Use bins below to store blankets, toys, etc.

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SPACE #4: Dark Living Room

Moody walls are so in right now! But when you have a dark couch and dark furniture sometimes it can leave the whole room feeling a little dark. This would be a great place for some board and batten. It’s a great way to brighten up the space and to decorate a wall.

SPACE #5: Dining Room

This space is STUNNING! Look at that view! OMG. This space doesn’t need much. I would use that view as your decor. Simply add some curtains and hang them close to the ceiling to draw the eye up.

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